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Meirc’s blogs are meant to be fat-free write-ups on topics which are of interest to our clients and web-site visitors. These blogs are useful when you wish to get an update on a field you follow or when you are looking for a bite-sized article that you would like to refer to or learn from. If you wish to enquire about our products and services, please visit our Contact Us page

On Organizational Leadership

  Jul 22 2018

# Leadership and Management

Should you ask anyone about the characteristics of an effective leader, chances are you will get heartwarming answers such as: visionary, good communicator, inspiring, knowledgeable, experienced, supportive and honest. Most people would probably agree with this list and maybe add other qualities that have affected them when they interacted with a favorite leader. I can almost guarantee that ...;

Adult Learning Principles in Action

  Jul 12 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Complying with adult learning principles while facilitating a learning experience is one of the puzzle pieces for a successful course. The other pieces of this puzzle are competence of facilitator, engagement of participants, quality of content, venue and tools used. The focus of this blog is to provide examples of the application of adult learning principles during a training course. The ex...;

On Employee Engagement

  Jul 12 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Without a doubt, engaged employees are more productive employees. They will deliver beyond what is expected of them for the simple reason that they feel they are doing what they want as opposed to doing what they are told to do. According to a Gallup International survey, in 2016 only 29% of employees worldwide were actually engaged. The survey also reported that 450 million USD were lost ...;

Here we go again. Greatest Footballer of All Time

  Jul 8 2018

# Planning and Strategy Management

The FIFA World Cup is arguably the world’s most anticipated sports event. Every 4 years, millions of passionate fans from across the world cheer their team in the hope it would capture the golden FIFA World Cup Trophy. FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 has seen a number of surprising results early in the tournament’s group stage: Defeats to Germany and Argentina, a draw for Brazil and marginal wins...;

What Can we Learn from the Blunders of Karius in the Champions League Final?

  Jun 3 2018

# Planning and Strategy Management

The UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool that was played on 26 May 2018 was billed as a clash between 5-time Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo and in-form “Egyptian King” Mohammed Salah. But the name that was to hijack the Twitterverse was that belonging to Liverpool’s goalkeeper Loris Karius, thanks to two outrageous howlers. The 24 year old was largely blamed for th...;

HR strategic planning versus HR functional planning

  May 28 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Human resources management is too big a subject to tackle in only a few words and it goes way beyond hiring, firing and training. I am not trying to define human resources management here neither will I emphasize its importance, however I will try to shed light on a common misinterpretation of two types of HR planning: human resources strategic planning (HRSP) and human resources functional planni...;

The Two Hidden Difficulties of Interviews

  May 2 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Even the most experienced interviewers agree to facing some difficulties in employment interviews. Overcoming such difficulties is key to selecting the most qualified applicant for a vacant position. I’m listing below what I consider to be the top two difficulties that I’ve identified based on my experience, whether interviewing candidates, hiring for positions, delivering training courses on in...;

The value of good planning and scheduling

  Apr 15 2018

# Maintenance Planning and Asset Management

A genuine step change in performance If ever you want is a case study on the value you can gain from effective planning and scheduling this is it. I have just completed a project with a client who achieved some of the best results I have ever seen. In their own words they have converted a multi-million-dollar maintenance programme from a project most e...;

One step closer to engaging presentations

  Mar 27 2018

# Communication and Writing Skills

It is a challenge to maintain an audience’s interest throughout a presentation. Within minutes some participants begin texting, yawning, or in extreme cases withdrawing from the room. While there may be many reasons for this, the prime culprit is the density of technical information in the presentation. The question a presenter must ask is how to transform technical information into more colorful ...;

Digital Forensic And Investigation Capabilities

  Mar 27 2018

# IT Management

A question I often get asked relating to Digital Forensic and Investigation Capabilities is ‘what tools are required?’ – a question which is both easy, and difficult to answer. Easy, because the answer is ‘everything’ you need to ‘accomplish’ the task. Hard because, it is dependent on two factors which are as follows: - The level of knowledge and skill which are in place - The ty...;