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Managing Tasks

23rd March, 2017

You surely agree that being goal-oriented is critical to success. However, goals on their own are not sufficient; they need to be translated into SMART objectives, then into initiatives and action plans, and ultimately into a number of tasks and activities we can assume and deliver. In this webinar we cover the management of tasks, an essential element of any job we do. We focus on self-management from a task perspective as well as from an organizational point of view. We also examine the constraints surrounding tasks, discuss how we can overcome them, and how to prioritize our tasks in light of the different deadlines we encounter. This story cannot be complete without gaining some insight into the intricacies of working with the different stakeholders who could affect the good completion of our tasks. This webinar also touches upon the tasks that change frequently, their impact on task owners, and how best to manage these tasks without losing focus of what is at stake: getting the job done!

Join us on this Meirc webinar where we offer a stimulating view of managing tasks in a way that secures better commitment, engagement, buy-in, and support in our effort to achieving our goals.

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Jamal A. Said

Senior Consultant

Mr. Jamal Said is a senior consultant with Meirc Training & Consulting. He holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and an master in business administration, both from California State University, Long Beach in the USA. He is also a certified training practitioner (CTP™) from the Institute of Performance and Learning, Canada.